It is our responsibility to take the time to empathize, to understand the situation and put ourselves in their shoes. While we are entitled to our opinions, it is up to us to not immediately jump to conclusions based on our own experiences.
Why Women Will Continue To Be Mistreated At Work
Helen Situ

Thank you Helen for writing this post. Prior to my career in marketing, I worked in HR for two years at a large healthcare organization, where I was in charge of sexual harassment training as well as investigating sexual harassment allegations. What I learned was nearly every grievance I received was grounded in truth, and takes a tremendous amount of courage for the victim to report. Much of the time, reports weren’t filed at the first offense, but actually after repeated offenses — because the victim would try to resolve the issue on their own or the harasser would somehow quit on their own. While sexual harassment exists in every workplace and every industry, what exacerbates the problem in the tech community is startup investors do not hold their founders accountable — only until events go public do they react— thus perpetuating this pattern of bad behavior.

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