*NEW SHOW ALERT* ‘For Pete’s Sake’ graces E4 with absolutely no filter

Friday evenings just got a whole lot more comical, awkward and extremely rude. That’s right, E4 have piloted a brand new chat show starring a witty new presenter, Peter Dawes.

Last night’s online pilot introduced Peter (or ‘Pete’) to our screens, who defies all expectations of what is socially acceptable — and on live TV. Following the positive response to this first episode, which Producer Michelle Soborowski says “has been overwhelming and we are so excited to create more shows”, E4 have confirmed the show to air live weekly, on Fridays at 10pm over summer 2017.

From binge drinking benders with the Easter Bunny, to a pitiful audition for Beauty and the Beast and “the best damn toes you’ve ever seen”, here are some of the highlights from last night’s show…

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Pete to get to know a little bit more about the outrageous comedian and what the show is all about.

E.W: If you could sum yourself up in three words, what would they be?

PETE: I can’t count…

E.W: How did you acquire your talent for saying things exactly how they are, raw and unedited?

PETE: I suppose growing up with one of my cousins helped a lot. He was always extremely funny, talented at taking the piss and would have a tendency to not ‘beat around the bush’. I spent a lot of time with him growing up so I suppose some of his ‘charm’ (if you can call it that) rubbed off on me.

E.W: What was the funniest or most enjoyable part of last night’s show to film?

PETE: It’s hard to pinpoint one specific feature that I found enjoyable because, in all honesty, it was all enjoyable… even though I was kind of bricking it minutes before the start of the show. I kept thinking “Shit! What if the audience doesn’t laugh!? What if I’m not as funny as I think I am!?” I started to rethink every decision I had made in my life! Fortunately, it all went well… thank God! I can certainly name the bit I found least enjoyable. It was when I was forced by our guest, Spoz, to drink ‘Nando’s Xtra Hot Sauce’ during our game of ‘Chat Roulette’. He’s an evil man! It made good television, but still…

E.W: Tell us about your previous endeavours before becoming a chat show presenter!

PETE: I could tell you but I’d have to kill you… and then every single person that reads this article and I just don’t have the time at the minute…

E.W: Not many people can say they’ve partied with the Easter Bunny. Have you had any other peculiar adventures or meetings with celebrities?

PETE: I see Craig Charles around a lot and I keep meaning to say “Hi” but he always looks really pissed off so I decide not to. I’ll get round to it one day though! I suppose New Year’s Eve 2012 at Ainsley Harriott’s house was pretty adventurous. Let’s just say the less that’s said about his ‘creamy sauce’, the better…

It’s a shame I never got to meet Mahatma Gandhi. I feel he’d have been a good person to engage in a weekly shenanigan with. He’s the sort of lively, fun-loving, easily corruptible character that we like to attract on to the show.

E.W: Can we expect to see more pranks on the show?

PETE: Maybe. We did that prank as it was April Fool’s Day the day after shooting but it seemed to work pretty well. We could get a bit more creative with it and do these pranks in public places, perhaps. I quite like the idea of doing one in a Morrisons. Or maybe somewhere with nice weather, like Syria… Actually, I can’t see that going down well.

Take a look at some behind-the-scenes snaps of last night’s episode here:

Image credit: Kickstart Productions

Producer, Michelle Soborowski also confirmed that: “You can expect lots of laughter and some amazing guests in future episodes. We’ve got some world exclusive performances coming up and we will definitely be putting Pete in some more awkward situations!”

Tweet us @EW if you watched the show and let us know what you thought! To catch up on last night’s episode, click here.

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