Skycoin’s Synth declares obsolete and vows to build a blockchain based Upwork replacement.

On line freelance hire firm, caused ructions this week by unilaterally closing Skycoin’s account without any reason given for this action causing speculation that Upwork is following in the footsteps of Facebook and Google who are attempting to suppress crypto by banning advertising while they are developing blockchain projects of their own.

Screenshot of a Skycoin employee attempting to communicate with Upwork

The appalling standard of service and support caused Skycoin’s lead developer, Synth, to take to social media with a Tweet that is going viral. Synth’s Tweet reads: “Upwork is the shittiest company in universe. I recommend that people NEVER use service again. Use Fiverr or anything but Upwork. They ban corporate accounts for no reason and have worst support I ever seen. Their support people are passive aggressive and insulting. Complete scammers.”

Skycoin’s account is mature and highly active as the company uses Upwork to source and hire freelancers from a broad range of disciplines ranging from developers through to hardware engineers and PCB designers. This is due to the massive scope and diverse nature of the Skycoin project. Skycoin is way more than just a cryprocurrency. The Skycoin ecosystem comprises a new, decentralized and privacy focused Internet based an entirely new set of protocols and hardware, a programming language called CX, distributed object storage, a lighting fast cryptocurrency with no transaction fees, and a brand new consensus algorithm to replace POS and POW.