Christianising Carnatic Classical Music: The Madras Enablers of Cultural Appropriation
Sandeep Balakrishna

Do you think that none of these singers know about all these things? no. they are very well aware. They are part of the scheme of things because of money. did you see the poster of O.S.Arun for that programme that now stands cancelled? where is his traditional brahmin attire? no vibuthi? so which is the real arun? has he been cheating on the gullible brahmins for the last so many years? one thing is clear. Chruch has decided that so far because of the brahmins, it has been difficult to target hindus fully and hence their game plan is to convert brahmins somehow and these morons are the first level foot soldiers. what next: will they be singing one jesus song in every one of their concert? then a full blown jesus song festival? Let me tell you. if a concert is announced like that with a prize tag of Rs.10 lakhs which is nothing for the missionary, all brahmins would be preparing their children for that and who knows will start going to church too to pray to jesus to make their ward win it. just like the shirdi sai baba was brought into mainstream, soon in a decade jesus would be brought into the mainstream and there could be a separate sannidhi in all our temples for him. then the real fight will start. whether jesus is a saivite or a vaishnavite. whether he should be given pattai or namam.