I can’t pretend anymore. Pretension is difficult. My every moment has been about you, has been for you. My heart skips a beat when I look at those auburn eyes. Your coy smile makes me go weak in the knees. The thorough gentleman in you brings out the graceful in me.

You tease me, you taunt me. Even sometimes you are mean to me. But I guess they are what brings us mentally closer to each other. For someone who is scared of apathy and hopelessness, you are truly a zephyr of hope, love and faith.

Yet you are unsure of us. You are scared of the unseen, wary of the undone. And when you and me had gradually become us, you pulled yourself away. Was it intentional ? Was it easy for you ? Again, rhetorics. Rhetorics have a habit of coming back.

Now we spend pristine times together, creating memories as we do so. All under the pretension of being ‘good friends’. Maybe you are happy. Maybe you are living the life you wanted. And me ? I can’t pretend anymore. Pretension, truly, is difficult.