But, how many cases have you known by yourself to generalize all ‘Indonesian’ men?
Arini Srinindita

In a sense, I think, ‘the general rule’ suggests a rule that is generally true but could afford to bear some exceptions while a universal rule is almost without exception. Yes, this is a general point of view, so there are exceptions. But we both know our high school was a land full of apex-ing ( I don’t know how to translate “tikung menikung”, so if apex means “tikungan”, so be it, apex-ing). I’m glad all of my friends learn the lesson early in their life, so we don’t really screw each other up anymore. Based on my experience their life will never be the same after being wimps and screwed. They basically need to learn everything from the beginning. Happened to a lot of my high school friends, and probably we need more than a night to tell you their stories. But the most irritating fact that I found in recent days, maybe it’s because I go to private school, they don’t really know how to handle their sex needs. A bunch of morons with raging hormones, but don’t know what to do. I mean the only reason most guys in my college date girls is to have sex. They end up screwing up their friendships, screwing up their senses, there is no logic in that. For me that’s enough to generalize Indonesian men and how wimps we are.

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