Want to Have Fun Be A Go Kart

Since I wrote Indonesian Men Are Wimps a few months ago I got a few fans, they are teenagers who want to learn to pick up chicks. Shameful. But no matter! I will explain it to you in my medium page under 4 minutes! As long as you know about cars.

First, as a guy you can be anything. You can be Italian car, you are made with so much passion. Your color and body work is just pure lunacy, and your power is just unnecessary. And everybody knows you are secretly crap, you’re the dream car everybody hates. Your battery will be flat after 3 months and your oil move from your engine to your floor garage faster than Concord.

(auto-database.com) Lamborghini Reventon

You can be British car, you are made in the sense of class and glamor. Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin. Nuff said. You are a gentleman like James Bond. Even though you are not as fast as Italian car, you are pretty fast at something else, disintegrating your gearbox.

(www.astonmartin.com) Aston Martin V8 Vantage

You can be German car, you are made with common sense and perfect engineering. Worst German car is Audi. Audi R8 is better than everything in its class except other German competitors like Porsche 911 for instance. You can win the greenest car of the year, beating Toyota Prius even you have a 6L engine like Mercedes-Benz S-class. But your styling is worse than winter in Siberia.

(www.caradvice.com.au) Porsche 911 R — Look like a frog

You can be American car, you love cars so much you forget to research. I mean your suspension is an ox cart suspension, you have a 6L engine that only produce 350 bhp. It doesn’t matter what you are, some people love your simplicity. You are by far the most stylish car on the planet. Look at Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat or Plymouth Duster.

(www.motoroso.com) Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

But nevertheless, if you want to cold open and approach a girl in any circumstances you can’t think about that, you can’t be Lamborghini Reventon or Aston Martin Vanquish. Think yourself as a high-powered go-kart. You are not worth that much, you are just a box with 4 wheels underneath and big engine at the back. You are a compendium of funniness, short thrill everybody wants. My point is if you are 10 in an amusement park, the first time you look around to find something fast and thrilling. For me, I really want to find go-kart track, I don’t care if it’s on dirt or asphalt. I just want to go as fast as I can on that track. Think girls as 10-year-olds in an amusement park and you will see my point. Your point of view must be clear, girls at some point just want to do something fun. If they don’t, you have no chance to do anything about it. I mean what if she is trying to find someone to hold on forever, as a go-kart do you still it’s fit for you? No. You can’t be mad about that. You need to find your customer, wait what? No no. Not like prostitute. You know what I mean anyway. Go-kart track is there because someone wants to play go kart before, so, in other words, girls go out to find guys that as fun as go-karts in amusement parks. Just don’t give up.

In the time you get bored, go back to think of who you really are. Like me for instance, I just feel numb after all these days. And I think I’m an 80s Japanese car, means I just won’t break. I have 1979 Daihatsu Taft which is old. I never need to jump start it or give it a push. I remember one night I got couple too many then I decided to have fun with my car. I did proper race start and did 110 km/h (shameful top speed, not bad for a 37-year-old 2.7L 4 by 4). Smoke and oil everywhere, the clutch went wrong and the brakes smoked pretty bad. The next morning I started it, went to get diesel fuel like nothing happened. Honestly tough, I don’t know how to get sad like I know what upset is but what is sad? Maybe I don’t give a shit too much. So if someone needs a guy who doesn’t give a shit, don’t know how to get sad, but reliable, call me!