Rango monthly Report 11 — IDO, Terra crash, competition, Juno, Solana, Optimism, Desmos, Fuse

Rango Exchange is the first and the most powerful multi-chain platform for DEX and bridges all around the crypto world, based on reachability and support of top blockchains. It doesn’t matter where the user is and where he or she wants to go, Rango will be able to find the most secure, fast, and easy path for it. We currently support more than 30 blockchains, 20+ bridges/DEXes, and 7 different wallets, with a modern and user-friendly UX in the market.

Unlike most of the other “multi-chain” products in the market, we are not limited to any specific type of blockchain or any specific services. Rango supports most of the top EVM-based, Cosmos-based, Solana, and UTXO blockchains, and will soon tame Near, Polkadot, Ada, and many more.

IDO has been postponed

In a very rare and wise decision by the Rango team, we postponed the IDO which was supposed to be held on May 11th-15th because of the market conditions. Although we didn’t expect such a crash in the crypto market and especially Terra’s ecosystem, we felt due to some market sentiments the timing won’t work. IDO is delayed for now and we’ll announce it again when the time comes.

What happened to Terra?😨 Was Rango really on Terra?

TL;DR: We will announce the new blockchain soon🔥

There is a wrong perception that Rango is fully on Terra. Truth is that Rango is a cross-chain product that works in 40+ blockchains including Terra. Aside from the product which is fully independent of any blockchain, we had a plan to launch our $RANGO token on Terra which is only for governance and other tokenomics functionalities that can be easily moved to another chain. We have not decided to choose which chain yet, but your precious feedback can be very helpful. Currently, we are thinking of BSC/Ethereum/Avalanche/Juno/Near and will announce it when the decision is final.

God of Thunder competition ⚡

we have held The “God of Thunder”⚡ trading competition. To remind you, Rango is the most significant and fastest aggregator that has been born in Asgard. Due to market conditions and what happened to Terra, the competition did not face participants’ large volume of transactions.

The new era of swapping, sign 1 TX for EVM to EVM blockchains.

We are working on multiple messaging protocols and bridges and also developing our own smart contracts to enable users to swap any token from BSC/Avax/Fantom/Eth/etc. to any other tokens in a single transaction. This can upgrade the user experience of DeFi users drastically:

  • No more need to wait for each step to succeed to do the next
  • Earn native tokens in the destination directly
  • No more gas fee is required on the destination chain

The Queen of Gods Juno is here

As ever, we have a lot of good news each month. The first is Juno integration. Traders can now enjoy new cosmos chain with smart contract support directly through Rango, this integration includes:

  • JunoSwap for on-chain swaps
  • IBC to osmosis and alot more cosmos-chains

Rango has fully integrated Optimism

Optimism is one of the most popular Ethereum L2s, a lot more will come to Rango soon such as Boba. This integration includes:

  • cBridge v2.0 to Optimism
  • Multichain.org bridge to Optimism
  • 1inch and other DEXes on Optimism to provide the best rates

Sun is shining in Rango ☀️Solana is here

The long-awaited integration of Solana is finally here, we have successfully integrated Solana in our multi-chain protocol. It has been one of the most complex integrations because of Solana and Wormhole’s complex nature and we are glad to finally have it on Rango.

  • Jupiter as on-chain swaps inside Solana
  • Wormhole as bridge between Solana and Ethereum/BSC/Polygon/Avax/etc.

Fuse has been fully integrated in Rango

Fuse is a fast and cheap and rising chain in the Ethereum ecosystem, you can now use Rango to:

  • Bridge token from anywhere to Fuse with Multichain bridge
  • Use Voltage swap to swap tokens inside Fuse
  • Earn Fuse native token directly in Rango without having gas fee there

Desmos is in Rango

Desmos network is a protocol to build open and decentralized social networks based on Cosmos SDK. Desmos is now added to Rango, and users can convert their money from any other chain to Desmos native token using Osmosis and other bridges in Rango.

Next Step

A lot more is to come:

  • Synapse bridge integration
  • Thorchain Synthetics
  • More EVM chains
  • Simple one-click swap between EVM chains
  • The new version of SDK for dapps
  • More trading competitions when the market looks good



Most advanced multi-chain DEX aggregator @ https://rango.exchange

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