Sometime last year, all of the literal worst people ever were sharing a petition to “Drop The T” from LGBTQIA, effectively expelling trans people from the political movement they fucking started.

The petition itself was a call to arms for creating a lesbian, gay and bisexual movement free from “distraction” by transgender concerns. You know, because not one single transgender person in existence has ever been gay, bi, or lesbian. It… hasn’t exactly caught on. In fact, most LGBT advocacy groups have taken the time to say “go fuck yourself”. End of story, right?

As it happens, besides being a massive hissy fit over a shitty movie, it was also a publicity stunt for LGB Voice,

the saddest non-Angelfire site I’ve seen in a long while.The mastermind behind the “Drop the T” campaign has now dropped his wild-eyed paranoid anonymity, or has simply settled on the pseudonym “Clayton Channing”, under which he publishes articles and makes forum posts.

His bitter separatist politics shares at least one thing in common with the more inclusive LGBT community he so rails against: it fails to address or make space for the needs of bisexual-identified people.

Unsurprising to everyone but them, their bisexual showing is actually pretty thin (completely absent in the case of bisexual males). This is likely because the sort of folks that talk about “dropping the T” also throw around terms like “bi-het”, and bisexuals know it’s just a matter of time before these folks will consider them inconvenient.

Don’t get me started on what this crew think of the intersex community.

Looking over the LGB Voice front page, it appears to have enough content to get one familiar with what must be the voice and intentions of the project. There are several movie reviews and current events pieces, with what appears to be the intention to branch out in to statements on Art, Outdoors and…Architecture? Yay inclusivity, I guess, but if your partner gets off to Brutalism, you’re probably better off getting them a Chuck Tingle novel.

Many of the articles are credited to Clayton Channing himself, while others are credited to “LGB Voice”, which at first I assumed to mean “also Clayton Channing”. A few minutes with Google, however, and I found that all said articles were blatantly plagiarized. Many of them are so sloppily copy-pasted they still have image tags from the original site.

It’s pretty bad. This article is stolen from Pink News UK. This article critical of Caitlyn Jenner is stolen from Scout New Zealand. This article is stolen from ABC News Australia. This article is stolen from The Guardian. This article is stolen from The Independant. This article is stolen from Page Six. This article is copied straight from Reuters. This “article” is just copy-pasted info from the World AIDS Day website. Here he even stole his own interview from The Federalist.

He even plagiarized an NYMag article full of celebrity quotes about how his movement will fail.

Moving on to the website forums, we get to see a significantly more robust expression of their vision than can be cobbled together through stolen articles. Considering their intention is to create a movement without us, and they consider our concerns a “distractions”, the forum threads are overwhelmingly about trans-related stuff. Here’s the breakdown last I checked:

Current Affairs, News, And Politics: 95 out of 116
Film, Entertainment, and Arts: 7 out of 13
Sports and Action: 2 out of 5
Health, Technology and Science: 0 out of 1
Total: 104 out of 135 threads

Obsessive would be an understatement, especially since the community is interested in carrying on these conversations without the “interruption” of folks actually affected.

As for the forum community itself, it’s a couple hundred homonobodies, TERFs, and at least one convicted sex offender. Nelson Garcia, pedophile and author of the similar depressing anti-trans website NGBlog For Equality, has been an enthusiastic member of the “Drop The T” community from the beginning, opening nearly a quarter of the threads in the forum.

Garcia basically acts like an eager little child-molesting remora whenever he sniffs out a new gender-critical community, latching on until said communities find out about his background.

And boy howdy; does he get bitter after that happens.

Like, far be it from me to frequently consider myself on the side of certain infamous TERFs on any issue, but something about the “Drop The T” movement certainly slides me over there.

But hey, it’s not just overdramatic pedophiles, it’s also wild-eyed racism and conspiracy theories. The longest thread in the forum unrelated to the petition basically insists that “transgender ideology” caused the Cologne attacks. I know I’ve shared some pretty gruesome stuff; I’d honestly advise against visiting that thread.

Doesn’t matter that only 3 of the 58 attackers actually were refugees, this horrible tragedy has to be blamed on Muslims and transgender folks somehow; Roland Emmerich’s integrity and reputation simply demands it.

Some highlights:

I notice lot of bellyaching over the word “queer”– it’s such a moving position it inspired Channing to steal yet another article (this time from Huffington Post) about it. Post after post of ancient traumatic recollections from the 1950s of having the word slung at them and how reclamation of slurs is impossible– from dudes that say “tranny”, as often as they can, like they’re playing a grimdark LARP of very problematic Smurfs.

I understand myself, and other folks know me, as a bisexual woman dating two other women and a man. According to their inflexible conservative ideology, I’m a heterosexual man dating three other men.

Honestly: which viewpoint sounds less ridiculous?

In the real world, I had plenty of time to try living as a gay man. That shit didn’t work out. This does. Honestly, hearing these, tired, bitter old homocons grouse about the idea of having a heteronormative housewife carved out of this sad old sissy body of mine just reinforces my nerve to see this shit through. Just hack all the anachronistic depressing homo bullshit out of me, fuck it.

Y’all grumpy old fucks never did shit for me. Not when I grew up bloody-nosed and spat on in redneck hell in the 80s. Not through decades of church trauma, not when my uncle committed suicide when failing to reconcile his faith and his homosexuality. Not while I was preyed by men like you as a scrawny confused barely-legal long-haired gendertwink in the 90s. And not now.

Queers saved my life, more times than I can count. Angry ones, eccentric ones, inconvenient ones, perverted ones, difficult ones, punk rockers and ravers and goths and emos and whatever. Saved me from the violence of homophobia and from being crushed under the weight of your suffocating expectations of assimilation.

As I said when the petition first circulated: How dare you. I’ve been out over 20 years myself, as bisexual and shortly afterwards about my struggle with gender dysphoria. I’ve been disallowed from donating blood my entire adult life because of the same shitty bans that gay men experience; transitioning didn’t change that. I grew up in a state where being gay was illegal until my mid-20s, casting a shadow on many of my formative sexual experiences; transitioning didn’t change that. During that time, I witnessed police crackdowns on drag bars where I worked and was dramatically shaken by the brutal “gay panic” murder of a local fellow drag queen/transsexual. Transitioning didn’t change that.

But hey, you insist there is a line to be drawn between you and I–I’m inclined to agree.

Maybe the real reason I’m the stuff of your nightmares is you can’t bring yourself to confront the reality that we dropped you first.

(Author Note: This article was originally published at Harlot Media on March 29, 2016. Shortly afterward the website I was profiling, and the whole organized “Drop The T” movement, collapsed into bitter infighting and imploded a few months later. I still consider this one of my favorite accomplishments of my writing career.)

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