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I still remember how I spent most of my time watching my brothers playing the game while waiting for my turn to play. Because they were older and obviously had more experiences with Playstation, it was obvious that my chance to play was quiet low. Still, I waited for my turn patiently while observing the way they play the game.

Even until now, as much as I love playing games, old habits make me enjoy the pleasure of watching instead of playing the game by myself. Especially since I do not have the equipments necessary to play the games. Luckily, thanks to internet, I can still satisfy my need to watch people play the games.

There are many people on YouTube reviewing the game or playing them so a lot of people can watch them via recorded video or live-streaming. I did enjoy some of their honest reaction and passionate play. However, my favourite reviewer goes to Clueless Gamer.

Wild Conan

Clueless Gamer started as a segment of Conan show on TBS. It is mainly just Conan O’Brien’s attempt to play games while listening to Aaron Bleyaert, one of his producer, explaining the backstory of the game. At first, Conan just played the games with Aaron. However, due to the popularity, Conan also invites a lot of celebrity to play with him.

It is not like Conan is actually very knowledgeable about the games. On the contrary, Conan is actually bad at video games and even with Aaron’s help he is still struggling. But, that is actually what is appealing to me as the audience. There is something interesting in watching clueless people experience the game for the first time, especially a loud and vocal ones like Conan.

Conan does not shy away with his comments. Mostly, it feels like a comment from a pervert old man who only cares about women characters in the game and how to flirt with them. However, when the game is truly good, Conan behaves like a kid and is so excited to do the mission. Sometimes, he just goes ahead and tries what he wants.

Funny and Honest

I find myself laughing so much most of the time. Although I have been watching most of the episodes, some of the episodes are too funny and make me want to watch it over and over again. Here are some of my favourite Clueless Gamer episodes:

  1. Skyrim
Video from Team Coco Official Youtube

Highlight: Conan complaints about how much time he has to spend just for choosing his avatar appearance in the video games. But, overall, he likes the action and the mission of the game. Still, he only cares to do that because of the female character.

2. Resident Evil 6

Video from Team Coco Official Youtube

Highlight: Conan plays as Leon and he is really satisfied that Leon looks so hot. He emphasises that he is actually one of the first people who get to try the game, but the least qualified. However, he does not care and keeps going. He likes the fight with zombie, saying it feels satisfying.

3. Hitman: Absolution

Video from Team Coco Official Youtube

Highlight: He likes tidying up the victim he kills by tossing them in the big garbage bin storages. Out of all the game reviews he did, this is one of my favourites. His review makes me want to try out this game.

4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Video from Team Coco Official Youtube

Highlight: I like his honest commentary about the storyline, where Americans get involved in a war between North and South Korea, asking why they need to get involved. At one point, he is very excited about doing the mission and even compares it to the feeling of watching his children being born. I laugh a lot when he wonders why people keep going to work in a war zone after failing to cross the street for a long time because the cars never stop.

5. Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Video from Team Coco Official Youtube

Highlight: He really likes the graphic of the game. However, he makes fun of the storyline because he gets into a prison for stealing an apple. He likes the part where the characters can jump from a high building and land in the hay. Thanks to this game, I finally understand the meaning of looting.

6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Video from Team Coco Official Youtube

Highlight: This is the wildest Conan review I have ever seen. His obsession with the female character, Yennefer, is borderline annoying. However, he can still make it funny and enjoyable. I really like his comment about the way the main character fights while wearing a towel, “he tied his towel very securely”.

7. Final Fantasy XV

Video from Team Coco Official Youtube

Highlight: This time, he does it with Elijah Wood. Luckily, Elijah Wood is a good partner that balances Conan’s spontanious comments. Conan raises the problem that it takes a really long time to get through the game,”this game should be called wait for your death in real time”. The twist is, in between his complaints to the game, the team members who made the game are in the next room and listen to his complaints. Oopsie.

I realise that out of seven videos, I only enjoy one that features a celebrity. Truthfully, the chemistry between Conan and Aaron probably makes it funnier for me. Most of the celebrity can not complement Conan’s style. No matter how many times I have watched Clueless Gamer, I still find it funny and entertaining. Perhaps it is just my poor sense of humor, but as long as there is no harm in that, why not?

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