what is Police Brutality? Police Brutality is the use of any force exceeding that reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful police purpose . www.encyclopedia.com

Who is affected by it?

Mainly African Americans are affected by police brutality. We say this because the news and more sources have shown how mainly blacks have been the police targets. Research has shown that police have killed 102 unarmed black people in the year of 2015. Many have taken stands for justice but still have yet to reach their goal. Many African Americans have been making the news from their unfair trials after their deaths. For example? Alton Sterling, was a victim of this social issue. He was killed for selling CD’s in front of a neighborhood market. After this tragedy,the police wasn’t charged.

What needs to happen?

African Americans are taking things to the next level by killing police officers. We need peace because nothing good is going to happen on either sides. In order for there to be peace , police officers need to be doing some type of time.