Rani Jarkas — A Great Entrepreneur with Years of Financial Experience

What can we say about Rani Jarkas? Being a top-notch investment pioneer with years of experience under his belt, this highly successful financial services executive knows how to facilitate the process in the best possible way which makes things work for him in the end.

At present, Mr. Rani Jarkas takes immense pride for being the Chairman of Cedrus Investments — a global boutique investment firm. This firm offers expertise not only in private wealth management and asset management, but financial advisory services as well to its elite clients, including leading institutional investors, conglomerates, family offices and huge net worth people around the world.

The domain expertise of this global company established by Mr. Rani Jarkas lies in life sciences, natural resources, energy, cleantech and nanotechnology. Before switching to Cedrus, this eminent entrepreneur consecutively exhibited his respective senior-level asset management role for some of the premier investment firms in the world, such as JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch and CIBC Oppenheimer.

His global outlook makes him a self-starter who’s competent and knowledgeable enough to accomplish any task to the best of his ability. His zeal to attain success has led him narrate his story of success.

In fact, the honourable Cedrus Investments’ Charirman Mr. Rani Jarkas was invited to speak at the 121 Mining Investment Hong Kong 2017 — Spring Edition Conference to be held on 29th-30th March 2017 in Hong Kong.

Mr. Jarkas strongly believes that the global economy is experiencing subtle and complex changes, and newly developing economies have become the main forces taking the economic development of the world to the next step.

Cedrus Investments, under the constant and expert guidance of Mr. Jarkas has been able to expand its operations in cities like Hong Kong, Beijing and Jakarta. In fact, Cedrus has stringently been focusing on the East and other regions as well where immense growth can be targeted easily.

Rani Jarkas is highly conversant with English, Arabic and conversational French. Mr. Jarkas has a keen interest in sports. He was the outstanding squash player and recognized among the top ten players in the U.S. for six years in a row.

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