Rani Jarkas — How Instagram Helps Businesses Improve Physical Locations?

With more than 700 million active users each month, more and more businesses pay more attention to Instagram than before.

Rani Jarkas, Chairman of Cedrus Investments, a global boutique investment firm headquartered in Hong Kong, acknowledges the fact that the photocentric service has been becoming immensely popular that in an attempt to make themselves seem more stunning to Instagrammers, some businesses are designing their physical locations to be more eye-catching.

For instance, restaurants. According to research conducted by Italian restaurant group Zizzi, people from the age group 18–35 spend five full days each year viewing various images of food items on Instagram. Around one third will keep away from a restaurant if its Instagram presence isn’t up to the mark.

While it can be quite difficult to assess the ROI of their Instagram presences, there is evidence that several businesses are witnessing actual value from their Instagram efforts.

Here are some useful ways businesses (irrespective of their size and shape) can make their physical locations more Instagram-friendly:

1. Create special events

Want to know what’s one of the best ways to turn your store or physical location into an Instagram power-up? It’s to create special events.

For business operating locally and on a small scale, there are actually a plethora of opportunities for carrying this out. These opportunities comprise of parties for VIP customers, fundraisers for charities and local organizations as well.

2. Create Instagram-friendly products

You would know the value of Instagram exposure. Brands are designing more and more products with Instagram in mind. In several cases, these are limited-time offerings which are designed to set off even more excitement as well as encourage customers to post their purchases on Instagram as a way of flaunting.

3. Add dynamic store components

While numerous stores are already dynamic places, the fact cannot be held for denial that the age of Instagram has created an opportunity for many businesses to be more analytical and intentional about the dynamic locations they add to their physical locations.

Rani Jarkas believes that just having an Instagram-friendly location won’t do any good if customers don’t seem excited and satisfied. Eventually, it’s the customer experience that will push customers to capture their visit for successors.