Rani Jarkas — Michael Phelps Beaten by Great White Shark by 2 Seconds

Michael Phelps — the greatest Olympian of current times — has finally met his match in a swim-off against the greatest predator in the oceans, the great white shark. However, a lot of viewers of the much published race of the Discovery Channel race between man and beast found the result to be little questionable.

Rani Tarek Jarkas, Cedrus Investment’s Chairman, a global boutique investment firm, acknowledges the race between Michael Phelps Vs. Great White Shark: Great Gold Vs. Great White as the real face-off in the freezing, shark-infested waters off South Africa was the launchpad for the annual Shark Week series of shows of the channel.

Phelps, who has bagged 28 Olympic medals which include 23 golds, noted before the event took place that his safety was the utmost priority going into the race. He said before the broadcast that he did not enter the water in reality with the shark he was racing.

Instead, the film crew shot footage of a shark in motion speeding along the same stretch of water as the swimmer himself. Michael Phelps swam the course at a different time under the supervision of marine experts as well as divers.

In spite of being fitted with a special monofin allowing Michael to propel him through the water, it was only a two seconds loss when competing against the Great White, which put a final squirt as it closed in on a seal.

After his narrow defeat, Phelps expressed his concern for a rematch. The 32-year-old champion wrote on Twitter, “Next time… warmer water.”

A lot of viewers of such a magnificent show took to the social media so they can express their dashing hopes believing that the swimmer would actually going up against a shark in real time.

A Twitter user who’s known by the name of Meg Conley commented, “Call me crazy but I thought they were gonna put Phelps up against a real shark not a simulation. I feel robbed.”

However, there were others who were completely surprised to know that anyone would have believed a real one-on-one between man and shark would have been possible.

Rani Tarek Jarkas was fascinated by the special effects used by the filmmakers to join the two (Phelps and Shark) together, so it gave a feeling as if the American swimmer was racing by the side of the massive predator.