Rani Jarkas — Sepak Takraw is an Amazing Indonesian Traditional Sport

One of the traditional sports from Sulawesi, Indonesia — Sepak Takraw is a great sport that began growing in the country back in 1970 when Singapore and Malaysia visited Indonesia.This traditional sport first appeared in Makassar, which is in South Sulawesi. Gradually, it went into Borneo and Sumatra. Sepak is the term that comes from Malay. It means kick, and Takraw comes from Thai, which means woven ball.

Rani Jarkas, Chairman of Cedrus Investments, a global boutique investment firm, believes that sepak raga was played to traditional music. At this time, sepak raga’s played in various ceremonies and at parties as well. It comes across as a fine blend of art and sport. This sport is the one that requires a player to have agility and adeptness.

This sport’s played by a team, and team comprises 5–15 people who’re seen wearing traditional Makassar clothing items which includes the following:

Passapu (Makassar’s typical headgear)

Dress cap (traditional suit)

Lipa sabbe (sheath made of Makassar silk fabric)

Sepak raga is played on a flat piece of land, and it has a circular diameter of at most 6 metres. The team plays with a woven, rattan ball that has a diameter of 15cm. The players stand in a circle and one of the players tosses the ball to give the game a kick start.

While some of the most popular sports in the country are football, badminton, boxing, cycling, basketball and the native Indonesian martial art Pencak Silat, Sepak Takraw was the sport that was developed into contemporary competitive sport in 1940’s with accurate rules as well as scoring systems. Indonesia has undoubtedly become one of the major Sepak Takraw powers in the region, which is giving a tough competition to Thailand and Malaysian teams.

This sport has immensely grown in the international world. In fact, it’s known by a different nickname in every country. In Indonesia, it’s called sepak raga and in Thailand, it’s known as sepak takraw. In the Philippines it’s known as sipa. In this day and age, this sport is blend of soccer and volleyball, using a rattan ball. It’s played on a badminton doubles court. The players aren’t allowed to touch the ball with their hands. A sepak takraw match is played by 2 teams.

The parent organization of Sepak Takraw is ISTAF (International Sepak Takraw Federation). Every year they hold a match which is called “King’s World Cup Championship.”

According to Rani Jarkas there’s no denying the fact that sports in Indonesia are gaining immense popularity from both the participation and spectating aspect.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/rani-jarkas-sepak-takraw-amazing-indonesian-sport-rani-jarkas

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