Rani Jarkas — Why Investing in Nanotechnology is Wise

No doubt about the fact that the word “nanotechnology” is being thrown around a lot. Most people are not able to understand what nanotechnology is all about as it still remains a vague concept for them.

Rani Tarek Jarkas attached weight to the fact that nanotechnology is the technology of the 21st century. This globally known entrepreneur witnessed several nanotech companies blessed with promising nanotech but they somehow get stuck to proceed further.

Back in 2003, Rani Jarkas built an in-house team of nanotech experts that published proprietary nanotech equity research. As a founder and Chairman of Cedrus Investments, the longest-standing firm in the nanotechnology investment arena, Rani offers his clients as well as investors remarkable intelligence and investment products which consist of a fund and two nano indices allowing them to take an active part in the advancement of nanotechnology.

But why to make an investment in nanotechnology?

Rani Jarkas commented, “If you look into every industrial sector from materials to electronics to energy to defense to computing to telecommunications to life science, nanotech is the fulcrum that is moving the world. That is why investors who took for long-term growth might want to consider investing in nanotechnology.”

In addition, Rani invests the equity capital in nanotech companies where it seems suitable and when appropriate. The commitment made by him to nanotech makes a topnotch investor on deals.

Rani Jarkas’ clients include institutional investors, public and private company executives, industry leaders, premier academic institutions and leading venture capital firms. Rani has faithfully been educating as well as advising investors on how to take advantage of the nanotechnology growth since 2003. His far-reaching network allows his clients to make the most of some of the best investment opportunities.

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