We take our minds as surrogates of ourselves, when its just a tool for survival

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There’s a phrase that many neuroscientists love to use: “You are your brain.” What they mean is that you may possess a heart, a pair of lungs, a set of kidneys, and all your other vital organs, but you literally are your brain. It is where your thoughts and feelings, memories and habits, beliefs and opinions reside. It is what makes you who you are.

Well, I beg to differ.

Not only does this view distort our identity, it diminishes our true nature by reducing…

Batsmen who have contributed most to victories, ranked

Viv Richards, Old Trafford, May 31, 1984

It was a bright and sunny morning in May of 1984 at Manchester. The stands of Old Trafford were packed for the first One Day match between West Indies and hosts England. The West Indies was still nursing the wounds of the World Cup defeat, determined to reestablish dominance in world cricket. England, although a balanced squad with Botham and Gower at the heights of their careers, had a tough job at hand. …

Predicting the Winners at the 92nd Academy Awards based on data about popularity, production and pedigree

The 9 Nominees in the Best Picture category

Predicting the winners of the Academy Awards has long been a popular sport among fans and film critics. Predictions made by pundits, however, are not based so much on objective evaluation as on personal tastes and preferences. “Of course,” critics would argue, “ how can it be otherwise? Movies are works of art, which deserve to be judged based on feelings, not facts and statistics.” It would be foolish to argue otherwise.

But elections, sports competitions and the stock market, all driven by factors…


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