Living life meditatively………continues@4

With Air, Water & Earth in, we have the fourth fiery element burning to raise the heat 🔥.


In what form do we encounter Fire in our daily lives?

  • Our Stove.
  • A fireplace?
  • A bonfire.
  • Electricity
  • The sensation of life within-feel the heat of emotions in your heart or brain. The burning sensation of food in the belly. The heat of summers in our eyes & skin. The heat of a touch-a slap? The heat of our in-breath.

Every minute we encounter atleast one of the above.

We need to just be aware. In which form are we experiencing fire.

When we use the stove or any electric appliance (including fans, lights, ACs etc) are we conscious of the nature of our use?

Are we aware that acknowledging the comfort of electric appliances that we use means:

  • Ensuring that we don’t waste any of it-consciously switch off what’s not required. It amounts to acknowledgment and respect. Remember no thing is non-being. Everything has a being within. Respect It. The immense joy and security that we experience in such wakeful living is the reward. Respect for everything enhances our own self respect too.
  • Heated emotions burn our insides. It does no harm elsewhere. So check them. They’re futile expressions of the ego-mind. Don’t choose it over our Self.
  • Spicy foods too burn our insides. Those that bring tears to our eyes must have impacted our insides too. Foods that give a moment’s joy but leaves our insides struggling to digest it, are fire-stay away from them.
  • Do not ask your mind or tongue what they’d like to eat or drink. Ask your body within-your stomach will guide you better than your tongue. Do ask for the wiser choice.
  • Living for the tongue is ruinous-be it for food or for words. Let not harmful words escape from your mouth. Fire from the tongue will burn your heart first before it tries burning the other.

You can be conscious of the heat you create in your life. How calmly and peacefully you can spend each moment.

Be aware of what you add into your universe-is it burning your surroundings or is it creating peace.

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