Have you invested money in the right SEO Tools

The big daddy of the SEO business i.e. Google has been updating its algorithm way too frequently, thus making it all the more difficult to get your company or your client’s listed in the top SERP’s.

Hence, it is vital to get hold of the right SEO tools in order to perform advanced SEO analysis for higher ranking and better visibility. But, with so many tools and even greater number of reviews on each of the SEO tool, it can get a little confusing and time-consuming to choose the best ones. Here’s a comprehensive list of the top paid SEO tools available for SEO professionals. Though, a free version is available for most of these tools, it is advisable to opt for the paid versions for a more in-depth data analysis and an effective digital marketing strategy.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is mainly used for site exploration and checking backlinks. The tool utilizes an index of live links for providing SEO data. The suite comprises SEO Report, Domain Comparison, Site Explorer, Backlinks Report, and Batch Analysis. These features help in providing valuable data on:

  • Number of referring domains a site has
  • Referring domains that come from unique IPs?
  • Natural link growth over time
  • Which are their most authoritative links (sorted by Domain Rank)?

It is also useful to find out sites that have been penalized in the past. You can also monitor the new backlinks that you have gained a day before or even after 60 days. Anchor text density, lost or broken links, exporting link data for a Google Penguin audit are few other areas where Ahrefs proves to be extremely useful.

2. Authority Labs

If campaign monitoring, tracking local rank and keeping a check on competitors is what you want to do, Authority Labs is an important SEO tool in such a case. All you need to do is add the domains and keywords you want to track and the rest of the work is done. It allows you to check ranks on all the accounts on a daily basis along with giving valuable insights gained from tracking domains of competitors.

You can also track search results using postal codes or names of the cities for an accurate reporting. This tool can be used by an unlimited number of users at no extra cost. A free 30-day trial period is also offered to new users so that they can assess the benefits of this tool and invest money accordingly.

3. Deep Crawl

When it comes to on-page and Panda audits, Deep Crawl can be a reliable ally for SEO professionals. It helps in weeding out duplicate pages, pages that take too long to upload, on-page issues, pages with long Meta titles, thin pages and any other crawl-related issues.

Page level details are a useful feature for sites with larger footprints as this makes it easier to identify the errors on the page in a detailed way.

In comparison to Screaming Frog Desktop crawler, DeepCrawl simplifies identification and sharing issues by generating a link of the tool section you want to share with your developer/client or supervisor.

4. Majestic SEO

When it’s about link-building and monitoring backlinks, Majestic SEO is an easy-to-use and effective SEO tool to keep a tab on kind of backlinks your website or your competitor has developed over time. For beginners, the data gathered may be a bit difficult to interpret but it proves to be beneficial in the long run. All you need to do is to scrutinize properly. You will get access to the website’s citation flow, backlink history, keywords, and anchor text. Further, this tool comes with Webmaster tools which are linkable to Google Webmaster Tools.

5. Moz

Are you looking for ways to simplify the black-box process of SEO? Choose Moz. It is a suite of tools which collates and sorts data on inbound marketing at one place. Some of the most recommended tools in this suite are:
- Get Listed
- Open Site Explorer
- Fresh Web Explorer
- Rank Tracker 
By using Moz, you can accomplish the following tasks:

i. Get data related to traffic, rankings, social links, content and brand- all at one place. 
ii. Points out website errors, missed conversations, and SEO opportunities for you and gives direction in terms of what is to be done next.
iii. Allows running up to five campaigns simultaneously which accommodates tracking of upto 300 keywords. 
iv. Rank tracking and competitive analysis let you gauge your position for top keywords in comparison to your competitors

6. Raven

A preferred choice of companies offering both SEO and PPC services in India and abroad, Raven is an all-encompassing solution to SEO research, link-building, backlink reporting, campaign management, social media metrics, competitor analysis etc. This internet marketing software has 30 tools which collect data from diverse sources including Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Majestic SEO and Moz to provide a detailed report. Moreover, this package of effective SEO tools works with a single platform to execute campaigns for several number of clients and websites.

7. SEMRush

Using SEMRush will keep you on top of all the information about important metrics related to your competition. This fantastic competitor research tool not only shows organic and paid keywords for any site or domain, but also focuses on various other aspects of search engine marketing, including paid search advertising and SEO.

This tool utilizes the bulk-data received from Bing and Google; thus helping you to view and analyze where your competitors are ranking for more than 95 million organic keywords. This aids in deciding about the workability of a keyword for a particular domain along with understanding the value of organic traffic coming to specific landing pages. 
One of the greatest benefits that accompany the use of SEMRush is real-time updates on performance of keywords and rankings of your website in comparison with that of your competitors.

8. Cognitive SEO

Another must-have tool for a successful link building campaign, Cognitive SEO generates data and analyzes it further for checking quality of backlinks and executing a link-building campaign on a single platform.

Data on link analysis derived through this tool is a combination of link-data from Blekko, SEO Kicks and Ahrefs. Additionally, it also obtains link quality metrics from Moz and Majestic SEO. Some of the key functions of the link analysis tool Cognitive SEO are:

- It shows data including anchor text, visibility, positioning, and website classification 
- It shows link previews with snapshots of the site and highlights the exact position of the link 
- It gives multiple user access with permission levels 
- Advanced competitive research shows unnatural link profiles

9. Link Research Tools

A combination of 93 SEO tools, Link Research is a big data SEO toolkit which provides accurate data in real time. Some of the data sources which are a part of Link Research are Majestic SEO, SEMRush, Moz etc. among many others. Whether it is about quick backlinks or in-depth competitive landscape or research for high-quality link prospects, Link Research is an answer to all your SEO-related needs and queries. The 24 link sources guarantees maximum possible link data, which is at least 110 percent more than what is offered by any other tool.

10. Whitespark
If your aim is to expand your digital presence locally, White Spark is a good option to manage and optimize local search presence and reach. . The following features of this tool make for an effective way to zero in on the link and citation sources that are the most likely to pull up your site to the top of the search results for your chosen keywords.

i. Local Rank Tracker
 ii. Citation Building
iii. Local Citation Finder
iv. Review Handout
 v. Link Prospector
 vi. Generator
 vii. Offline Conversion Tracker

Other than the SEO tools mentioned above, there could be additions to this list. However, before opting to invest in any SEO tool, be clear about your requirements and the expectations of your clients. Hence, it is better to try out a few tools which have been in use since the emergence of SEO business and gradually start experimenting with newer tools.

So, have you chosen the right SEO tools for expanding your business on the digital front? If yes, share your usage experiences with us in the comments section below.