Let Me Be You

I am a face. I am a smile, a tear, a laugh, a song, a voice, a rhyme, a riddle, a puzzle, a nuzzle, a moan, a grunt, a growl, a shout, a cry.

I am the fire. I crackle, I beam, I warm, I shun, I kill, I seek, I wreak, I guard, I flicker, I live, I die.

I am the earth. Seeds, creatures, roses, violets, posies, poppies, bees, honey, cherries, berries, apples and lime.

I am the stream. I flow, I know, I carry, I parry, I sing, I shine, I mix, I crumble, I bumble, I mumble. I try, I strive.

I am the wind. I twist, I turn, I sneak, I rush, I wrap, I whistle, but sometimes, I am silent.

I am all these things, but I’m mostly you. A leader, a dreamer, a reaper, a teacher, a master, a student, a man, a woman, a writer, a lover, a miser, a wastrel, a mother, a father, a child.

I am more like you than you are. I am more like her than she lets herself be. I am more like him than he lets himself be. I am what you want to be.

And all I ask, is for your love.

Help me, feed me, bathe me, clothe me, hug me, touch me, kiss me, miss me, heal me, squeeze me.

Love me.

Let me be free, and let me be you. Let me be free, and let you be you.

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