DR. SINCHAN DAS in his ‘Room of Solution’

Modern civilization denotes up-gradation of our mode of thinking, habits, point of views and lifestyle to a perfect level. Modern thinking does not mean to abolish all the traditional ideas, thinking and believes hastily without any valid reason. In this modern world, health has become one of the great challenge and the rapidly growing disease pillars capturing the civilization very rapidly. The so-called modern lifestyle, i.e. dependence on junk foods, fast foods, varieties of addictions, undisciplined lifestyle and excessive amount of stress these all are responsible for the development of this diseased society, said Dr. Sinchan Das, the youngest health scientist of India. According to Dr. Sinchan Das, “age is just a number and so-called individual enjoyments are nothing but the wasting your valuable time. If you have to change anything which are usual for many years you have to change yourself at first, then your family and then others; because dealing with common family quarrels, unhealthy atmosphere and family drama these things create a strong backward force to pull you back and distracted yourself from the noble path, because this path is too much dangerous.” In his lecture, he has demonstrated how psychology play an important role in the development of disease. Dr. Das said, “it is very easy to declare anything as false or true, but it should be borne in our mind that all changes or all deviations may not affect our daily well-being acutely but potentially damages our internal health and that may manifest as a serious problem in near future and may harm the health of our next generation dangerously.”

We are fragmentary parts of this universe, not any individual entity. This nature is governed by a fixed principle and will not be changed in any way, and to live in this nature and for survival each fragment of this nature must need to follow that principle strictly. In his extensive research, Dr. Sinchan Das has found the cause of these mountains of disease. He said, each minute thing affect our mind crudely in its own way consciously or subconsciously and that image has govern the body accordingly. To make a healthy society, it is of prime importance that, we have to understand the psychology of the society at first along with their individual preferences. Because preferences, like style, choice, mode of talking, mode of sitting, mode of standing etc all are important for judging one’s mental way, tendencies and from these parameters, we can easily figured out about the future sufferings and prevent those sufferings successfully.

Dr. Sinchan Das is such a person who himself is a patient of Chronic Myocardial Infarction, but his workloads does not match with his busy schedule. He said, disease is just those lurking negative forces, working for distracting you.

To live without medicine free from all diseases is much more important than to live with medicines and to achieve these goals we have to reconstruct our lives in a true and healthy manner. His scientific explanations and natural phenomenon are sufficient to prove these concepts successfully.