Yeah. ENTP AND female.
Sandhya Ramachandran

Haha, Okay, so I can definitely relate to the self analysis being tiring, but it is an important step to transforming in to a much more mature ENTP. An immature ENTP has this need to be liked, approved and hence, uses his exceptional Ne, Ti and not so developed Fe to manipulate situations and people into being likable. This definitely is not sustaining and mostly takes a bad turn in the long run.

While, as ENTP’s mature, two things happen. One, Ti develops and hopefully develops a very nice balance with Ne. These ENTP’s are exceptionally comfortable in their own skin and it is not necessary for them to win any argument or debate, or to be proved right, or to be validated (Un till and unless situation demands).

Two, Fe develops and instead of using the Ne-Ti to manipulate situations and feelings, ENTP’s grow to realize the importance of the feelings of others around them and how their actions directly affects them.

I am about to write a piece on how to mature as an ENTP soon enough. Will comment the link :)

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