A Glimpse at Changing Scenario of Education Industry

After years of unchanged form and functions of education, now the education industry is witnessing a drastic transformation. From the traditional book learning methods, teaching now is more inclined towards real-world learning experiences. Schools and colleges are now in more favor of imparting practical learning. Activity based learning programs, vocational training methods, distance education diploma courses, industrial visits and apprenticeship have now become common way to introduce students to the real world. And with their increasing levels of engagement, students now are more fortunate enough to explore first hand opportunities.

Simulation based studies to push critical thinking and portfolio based assessments have now become authentic way of teaching and learning. And with unique and creative ways, education today is not considered as burden. Where on one end teachers are getting into their new roles, on the other end even the students are transforming from consumers to creators. Let’s see, how?

As soon as cemetery classrooms got replaced with the more comfortable and interactive classrooms; even the teachers changed their approach of teaching from “stand and deliver” to “guide-on-the-side” approach. Once considered as a strict instructor, teachers are now more in role of mentor and coach. So, rather than instructing and delivering lectures they now support the students and consult them to encourage their interests. Teachers now try to assist the students in a most flexible way which helps them to explore student’s interest and passion. Not only this, even the grading and evaluating system has become better than before. Numbering and scoring systems has been replaced by the standard based grading to evaluate level of knowledge in more easy forms. Exams have been replaced by assessment tests which evaluate the overall strengths and weaknesses of the students. And all this is being done to encourage students to become world class leaders. Isn’t it an awesome transformational change?

On the end of students also there is a big yet good change that has been developed in past few years. Gone are the days, when students first needed to complete their studies in order to gain hands on experience in the real world. All thanks to the technology which has given a whole new world of opportunities to students to explore. So, rather than just playing the roles, students now have the chance to take up the responsibilities of the real world. The immersive and interactive methods of teaching infuse deeper level of understanding among students which help them to explore the opportunities of real world in a better way.

The hands-on activities and technology based teaching facilities has made up education more interesting and engaging. Apart from this, the new learning methods like distance education diploma courses, short term vocational programs, certified courses have made students more skilled. And all this has not only made students smart but has also helped econmy to have better literacy rate and employment opportunities.

Thus, it would not be wrong to say that a digital push and transforming ideas has actually benefitted the complete education industry.