How to Keep Your Office Happy And Clean

Did you know office desks contain more than 400 times the amount of harmful germs than bathroom toilet? Did you ever heard a US worker takes 7 days sick leave a year on an average due to diseases caused to them while working at office? Research conducted on office cleanliness often suggests that the health of work environment affects productivity. The cleaner, brighter, untidy and uncomplicated office desks are and the entire office vicinity is, more is the possibility that the workers will remain seated, work unhesitatingly and deliver quick and productive work request.

On the other side of the coin, the untidy, messy, office environment populated with disease bearing germs not just take a toll on the health of the workers but brings down the revenue potential of a company in a number of ways; which necessarily include higher attrition level, reduced work, heightened leaves requested by and granted to workers etc.

If the above facts do not raise your alarms to maintain the health of your office, nothing else could. If you were wise, you however would like to read the article further, in which we are detailing the ways you can keep your office entirely healthy and workers happy.

The ways to keep your office healthy and the ways to keep it disease free are different. But being healthy is the first step towards being disease free. Therefore, we would start with how to make your work eco system perfectly healthy.

Invest in a standing desk

Keep healthy snacks at your workers’ desks

Keep a water bottle to keep them hydrated

Promote office challenges

Make it mandatory to take a healthy break between work

Add plants to desks

Promote discussion, make your workers smart workers

Keep the air clean

Paint your walls green — food for the eyes

Encourage them to keep their personal items at their desks

Make it completely prohibited to eat at desk

Build a gym, light workout systems within office

Avoid bright lighting

Once you are done applying the methods, the next step is to keep your office germ-free and clean, and that is exactly when you need to employ a professional, highly recommended Commercial Cleaning service providers. A good service providers would take care of everything related to cleanliness and hygiene. They usually offer floor care, trash disposal, high dusting and furniture cleaning, restroom cleaning, break room cleaning and many other services. As a whole, a professional cleaning service provider would be the first investment towards securing your office from germs and thereby helping your business earn more revenues and less issues.

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