Yesterday I was reading about HomeOffice for designers from https://1stwebdesigner.com/ A good friend and the oldest bloggers I started to read when I started my career as a designer (Dainis Graveris). After reading through the pdf of 20 pages I realized most of the designers and developers had something in common.

1. You cannot work without music — Music keeps us driven, keeps us focused, I have heard and read from various yogis and philosophers, The best way to keep yourself calm and focused is to try it with a soft music. for me, I plug in my @jabra headphone you can see in the photograph. 
 And for the best albums and songs, I am always connected to @accuradio almost 99% of times.

2. Clean and Organized workspace — This is the most important discussion I found in the pdf blog, if things are messy, you can’t really keep the productivity level up. So, it’s very important for me or for any home-work-space guy to reorganize every day before starting the work.

What generally we should have with us.

a) Pen holder

b) Pencil holder

c) Laptop

d) Devices

e) Water bottle

f) Coffee Mug

g) Taskboard

h) Sketch board

i) Sketchbook

j) Sketch tab

What I have with me now.

a) #Pen Holder

b) #Pencil Holder

c) #Painting Board

d) #Taskboard

e) #canvas @camel

f) Devices

a. #Laptop @HP for design

b. #Laptop @Lenevo for Unix Coding

c. @samsung #tab

d. Mobile

e. @wacom #sketchpad

g) Water bottel

h) Router

i) A guitar J

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