5 Ways to Prepare Green Tea

Green tea may have been found in China but has taken people across the world by storm. Not only has it made a mark as a health benefitting drink but also as a active and powerful ingredient in beauty and skincare products.

These green tea leaves are steeped in properties that are highly beneficial for health and wellness. Besides being enriched with lipids and carbohydrates, green tea leaves also contain various amino acids and enzymes. They are also infused with tocopherols, carotenoids, polyphenols and sterols while containing its caffeine levels.

While green tea may readily appeal to tea drinkers, those who do not like consuming tea should not refrain from this incredible herb only because they don’t know how else to incorporate it in their diet. Besides, there are number of forms available in the market to buy natural green tea online including tea bags, leaves and powders.

Here are 5 ways to enjoy green tea.

5 Recipes for consuming green tea

Smoothies — Pour in a couple of teaspoons of green tea powder in your morning breakfast smoothie to start your day in a healthy way. Try mixing soy or skim milk, vanilla protein powder, half a banana frozen and top it up with ice for a smooth and tasty smoothie.

Barbeque Rub — When you grill your shrimp, pork loin, steak, tofu or salmon the next time, sprinkle a little green tea powder into the spice rub before applying it on your barbeque. However, don’t use too much, as it may overpower the flavor and make your barbeque bitter.

Baked Items — New recipes were discovered through experimentation. So, sprinkle a little green tea powder into your baked items the next time to enjoy a different healthier taste.

Tea Sangria — Who doesn’t like sangria? Brew up some iced green tea and combine it with your favorite wine or juice along with a dash of fresh fruit. Refrigerate it for a few hours and then enjoy it over a lazy evening.

Ice Cream — Have an ice cream maker? Try incorporating a little green tea powder in your ice cream mixture the next time you think of making one. While it may sound wierd, its really tasty. Not to forget the health benefit of the ice cream you just prepared!

However, remember that green tea has a bitter taste and not preparing it in the right way will amplify the bitterness and spoil the taste of your preparation.

About Author:
Ranjeeta Mundhra is a tea connoisseur and a master blender at TE-A-ME Teas. Her love for tea and different cultures keeps her busy. When she is not working, she likes to cook food, go dancing, and travel far and wide.

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