Top 5 types of Natural Green Teas

According to the ancient Indian medicine, green tea is a boon for human body. Regular consumption of green tea can help overcome many health problems. Green tea helps in strengthening the entire immune system.

You can also manage to lose weight by consuming green tea regularly. In order to gain maximum benefits, you should brew the green tea properly. The best way of brewing green tea is to boil water and after few seconds pour it in the cup with the green tea bag. Let it rest for a while and then enjoy your tea. For overall well-being, it is best to 2–3 cups of green tea on a daily basis.

You can easily buy green tea in India online for regular consumption. Many online tea stores in India offer many different varieties of natural green tea in India. Let us look at some of these varieties.

  1. Green tea- Drinking this simple green tea will keep you energetic throughout the day. It can help in detoxification and protect your skin from free radicals. It also prevents acidity.
  2. Mint green tea- The combination of green tea and mint leaves is a great one. Drinking mint green tea every morning can keep you fresh at any time of the day. Also, mint flavoured green tea helps calm your nerves as well as remain stress-free.
  3. Jasmine green tea- The extracts of jasmine flowers are beneficial for the skin. Green tea with Jasmine can help maintain healthy and glowing skin. Also, the light aroma of the jasmine flowers can indeed lift up your spirits.
  4. Kashmiri Kahwa tea- A cup of Kashmiri Kahwa tea will truly make you feel as if you are enjoying the beautiful landscape of Kashmir. This tea is infused with delicate spices such as saffron, cardamom, and cinnamon. The combination of green tea with these aromatic spices will keep your body’s system balanced while you are busy rushing through the day.
  5. Honey lemon green tea- This is among the most sought after green teas in India. Sipping the combination of honey lemon and green tea on a regular basis will surely contribute to your overall well-being. Honey and lemon have healing properties that can soothe your nerves as well as relieve you from fatigue and keep your spirits uplifted all through the day.

You can always keep experimenting with all of these combinations of green teas. In this way, you will know which one will suit your taste buds and give you maximum benefits. Look for these options next time you shop for Green Tea in India online and give a try to these aromatic teas.