Getting mischievous with android apks …!!!

Recently, I came across two very powerful and wonderful tool for downloading and extracting information from any apk uploaded on google play store. One of them is :

The tool is used to download the apk from google play store. And the other one is :

Androguard is used to play with : — DEX, ODEX — APK — Android’s binary xml

Now, many a times, (infact most of the times), a user (say developer) just wants to get some information about AndroidManifest.xml of the apk. What the person does ? Install the apk on his/her phone, then pull the apk to the system using adb, then decompile it using dex2jar tools and finally get the AndroidManifest.xml file. Now, you need to search the file for that one information, you were looking for. Isn’t is boring and cumbersome ?

So, I used the code from above mentioned tools and wrote a simple python script which does this for you in a simpler way. All you need to do is create a config file with you user credentials to download the apk and the apk is downloaded and all the AndroidManifest.xml information is presented to you in plain text file. Below is the code link:

The tool is totally open source and anyone can fork it and modify it as per his/her requirements.

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