Amy Vertino

Freada and Ellen Pao, it is heartening to see support from the top, and from the VC level at that, for the troubles suffered by people lower in the tech corporate hierarchy.

As many, including Fowler have pointed out, while Uber might be an outlier it is not a black swan, it is part of a continuous distribution of anti humanist behavior towards employees that extends across the tech industry.

I hope I’ll have the courage to stand up and confront abuse more often in the future.

By the way we should be careful to distinguish the Benefits and Payroll parts of HR from the Orwellian “Employee Success” part which is responsible for perpetuating this culture. Until their comp is determined by employees CHROs and CESOs will continue to be beholden to the rest of upper MGMT.

I’ll be happy to share my experiences with (mostly seeing) widespread sexist behavior, how it is condoned, why talking to HR-ES doesn’t work with you, and perhaps understand from you why the lean-in feminists aren’t more supportive of their junior colleagues.

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