When You Brag That The Women’s Marches Were Nonviolent
Ijeoma Oluo

You are bragging that they were guaranteed to be ineffective.

No “violence”, no arrests, friendly cops “protecting” the marchers (from what?), it means that the establishment did not view the march as any kind of a threat to the status quo, and since you can’t improve or change things without threatening the status quo, it means the establishment knew you weren’t going to change anything, didn’t want to change anything, demand anything, risk anything or do anything.

BlackLivesMatter wasn’t “non-violent”, NoDAPL wasn’t “non-violent”, Occupy wasn’t “non-violent”. But the Women’s Marches were. Do you know why? Because in every case the violence is committed by the state, and the Women’s Marches were peopled with enablers of that state.