Self Inclusiveness

Right-wrong and good-bad ! When lives turn into a torrential downpour of worlds of right and wrong, distorted minds are unable to even think that “change is inevitable”. Initiatives and Organizations that call for change, would measure and compare our thoughts within their circle as well as insist us to think in their own prejudices. Some people think that they are bigger than others, or want to be thought of as such. Some people want to think that they
are way behind or inferior to others. 
Why the world thinks that others are inadequate?? In the ways of life according to their own outlook on life, they conquer the worlds, within their own limitations .. Their own world ... The "good thinkers" who insist that the world of others should be our world; It sets a common standard for all other people’s thoughts, actions, right, wrong, good and bad. It is needed to think what is necessary without judging whether it is positive or negative, good or bad , right or wrong. Thoughts are just thoughts and let it flow. 
Changes happen in their own way and in the right amount in the lives of every human being. It is the duty of those who stand by it not to obstruct it. Unusual injections can upset the rhythm of life and may disrupt pleasure or passion. 
Those who think they are the cause of others' changes and happiness are fools. Aren’t they ready to take the responsibility or the burden of others’ sorrows??? 
The world of hierarchy... The truth is that you do not have to spend time changing lives without realizing it is very natural. Those who know the taste of good failures are the ones who admit defeat and move on, instead of looking at 'flawless lives' and grinning helplessly. 
Lives and their passions drowning in a flood of opportunities...Those who strive for opportunities day and night, who cannot accept the nearby opportunities only because they are segregated in the name of good and evil, and who carry the wounds inflicted by the oppression of opportunities are all part of this world .. 
In a world where abilities and lives labelled as shortcomings are weeping alike, today’s 'world of inspirations' that have to be quietly endured with helplessness and indifference, while many things that need to be calmly chosen for one’s own interest are displayed in front of others. A world of misery where one has to silently give up many essentials. The right to life is being questioned. 
Is it right or wrong to push their world within your limits without knowing that there is a bigger world in the minds of every human being than the world you throw away as alms? 
"A person has the freedom to judge Good and Bad, Right and Wrong." 
Welcome to the world of those who have overcome all this and achieved self-sufficiency based on the beliefs of their own dignity without guilt or worries. 
The wide world of survival !!!!!!

“ Uninterrupted World of Ourselves ”!!
------ “ Ember ” ------



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