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Dec 8, 2017 · 2 min read

SEO is complicated, expensive, and time-consuming.

This was our initial thoughts when trying to run our previous startup, which was an AI development agency.

Our marketing budget was increasing every month, with no way to see how the SEO agency we were using was actually working. There was no way to just sign up and get started. We had to email, book a meeting, negotiate a monthly budget, etc.

Frustrated that the agency we used had no effect on our search ranking, we set out to change the industry for the better. We were already using our Artificial Intelligence to gather information on our competitors, so we programmed it to track rank increases for the next 8 months to learn the ‘secret recipe’ on how to achieve first page ranking on Google.

The results were incredible, not only did our AI gather invaluable data, it also learned exactly why websites are ranked highly, and predicted future rankings with superb accuracy. We knew that something special was here, so we hired a team of SEO specialists to create what is now,

We wanted to streamline the entire process, where businesses can simply sign up, access a dashboard that showed them their statistics 24/7, along with consistently being able to increase the ranking of websites effectively. After trialling the service with some of our large enterprise clients, we were able to offer our AI powered SEO to the masses.

The most important factors for us were:

  • Results
  • Pricing
  • Service
  • User experience

These were four major pain points when using original SEO agencies, there was a clear gap in the market to improve on the current industry standard and create a great product that businesses will love.

We solved this problem by:

  • Offering free trials for all customers
  • One simple monthly fee
  • Guaranteed refund if there’s no results
  • Advanced user dashboard showing all statistics
  • Consistent updates on what is being done

By improving on the industry standard, we are now setting an example for what agencies should aim to be. This has resulted in us working with over 500 clients from over 40 countries, ranging from Logitech to small restaurants in NYC.

Ranked sets the new standard for SEO agencies, try us out today at, we promise that you’ll love the experience.

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SEO powered by Artificial Intelligence

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