RankingBall KYC Step-By-Step Tutorial

If you’ve never participated in a token sale, the whole process can be a little overwhelming. How do I actually buy the tokens? And what do I do with them next?

This short step-by-step tutorial that will take you through the RankingBall KYC process start to finish.

First you’ll need:

  1. A wallet with Ethereum
  2. A RankingBall account
  3. Two Government issued IDs (Passport or driver’s license)
  4. Proof of residency (Utility bill or Government certificate)

In this post we’ll spend most of our time tackling the most time consuming part of the process — Getting Ethereum into an Ethereum Wallet

Getting Started With Ethereum

As RankingBall is built on Ethereum, it needs to be stored in an Ethereum wallet. There are lots of wallets out there that support Ethereum (ERC-20) tokens but not all of them support everything. One of the following wallets will be able to safely store your tokens without any worries about compatibility:


The example we will be using here is MyEtherWallet:

Make sure to use a strong password from a secure computer. Follow the on-screen instructions and your wallet should be set up in no time.

Now, before you can purchase any RankingBall tokens, you need to have at least some existing Ethereum in your wallet. Don’t worry. This isn’t too difficult and is a great way to run through an ethereum transaction with a small amount of money (and limited risk!).

Let’s buy some cryptocurrency!

Ethereum is extremely easy to buy and is readily available on almost any cryptocurrency exchange website. Choosing an exchange comes down to the country you live in, and the amount you want to buy. We recommend coinbase, GDAX and Coinlink (in korean).

Depending on your exchange there will be a way to add funds from your bank (this section is usually labeled as ‘deposit’) and you’ll more than likely need your two government ID’s to complete this initial verification process.

Once these funds clear, they are ‘on the exchange’, and now you can use your money to buy ethereum. Once this transaction is complete (In seconds) you will now be the owner of your first piece of cryptocurrency!

Now, let’s keep your new ethereum safe and secure by putting it on your wallet. On the exchange website, hit ‘withdraw’. You’ll be presented with somewhere to input your ‘wallet address’ which is the same number that your wallet will show you that you downloaded in step one.

Match up the addresses (double check the first and last three digits) and hit ‘withdraw’. This will take a little time, so be patient. This process will take your Ethereum off the exchange and put it safely in your wallet.

You’re done! Like we mentioned before, it’s always good to go through the process with a small amount of money to minimize risk.

Be sure to check out the process on other blogs and YouTube walk through videos to make sure you completely understand all steps before you get any real money involved.

Feel free to leave any questions here on the post and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

You can sign up for our token sale and download our whitepaper in our website.

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