Look at me. Look at every detail. Let me perceive this. Look as no one has ever looked before. Notice that there is something unique in my face or hands or legs.
Talk to me. Talk about your day. Talk about things you care about. Tell me what you think about trivial and controversial issues. Ask me back my opinion about each subject.
Now listen to me. You don’t have to agree, but be kind when listening and paying attention. Focus on what I’m saying. Process the information and notice that I probably have a lot to agree and disagree with you. I want to share. Let me share.
Try to discover me like an expeditionary does when exploring a new area. But do it every day. I’m a changeable person, I’m in constant evolution and I will not be the same person tomorrow. At least not completely equal.
When hugging me, hold me tight. I like being close to you. I like to feel you.
Please, keep me occupied. Keep the boredom away from me, from us. I just can’t handle with this feeling. It doesn’t even deserve being called feeling; it is the complete lack of emotions. I prefer sadness or madness instead, doesn’t matter.
I don’t need to be sure I am the perfect person to you. I just need be ensured that I’m interesting enough to have your attention. As you have mine.

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