Welcome to Jurassic Coast

Rocky the Bull Terrier explores England’s Jurassic Coast!

It’s called one of the greatest natural wonders of Great Britain — just like me! It has 96 miles of coastline to explore. Do you know how much that is? How many millions of paw prints in the sand that is?

I’m all for exploring it! Well, to be honest, all it takes for me to get excited is for my human to open the front door and then when he opens the car door, I get doubly excited and my tail wags faster than the speed of light.

On the first leg of my adventure in the Jurassic Coast, I stopped by Dorset County and saw the Cerne Abbas giant.

Jurassic Coast- no relation to the Park apparently

This time I will see the legendary Portland Bill Lighthouse, a — you guessed it, lighthouse — at the end of the Isle of Portland.

Now when my human told me we were going to drive to Portland, I looked at him like he was crazy, which is usually how I look at him since he dresses me up in all these clothes and takes photos of me. I thought to myself, “How are we going to drive all the way to Oregon?” (I looked at a lot of maps when I was puppy.)

He then corrected me and told me it was part of the Jurassic Coast. Again I looked at him like he was crazy, until he explained it was an isle completely different from the city in Oregon.

Jurassic Coast with my Jurassic coat

So, after all this geographical fuss, I packed my bag of treats, got dressed and hopped into the backseat of the car.

Once we got to Portland Bill, I jumped out of the car like a mad dog and ran up until I got close enough that I can feel the breeze from the Jurassic Coast.

I then turned to my left and I took a deep breath and marvelled at the amazing stature of the lighthouse. It was so magnificent, I just want to go up to it and — pee on it.

The lighthouse was cool! I was blown away by this huge structure that shined off a big light. But then I got distracted by the sound of crashing waves and I decided that I must go see the coast.

The coast was so cool but scary, I barked at the waves as they rushed up to me, but no matter how many times I barked at them, they still kept coming and they seemed to be getting angrier and bigger!

We then went along the cliffside to go and see some cool rock formations. Just think, this was formed by waves hitting the rocks for so many years. If waves hit me for that long, I would’ve been really annoyed.

The Coast..Wow nature you are gorgeous!

We walked along the coast and I ran into a few dogs there who were as brave as me. They were brave because they got up so close to the coast and let the waves reach for them.

Some of the cooler rock formations. Here’s one with the waves hitting them. Looks like a cool doghouse.

We kept trudging along the edge of the cliffs and I truly felt like an adventurer climbing rocks to progress forward and see more. I had a ruff time climbing some of the big ones by myself so my human had to carry me. Luckily no one else was watching when he had to carry me over. Usually I’m athletic enough to do it myself!

As dusk was falling, the waves started to sound closer and closer. And we moved along, but it got scarier as well. I have good sense of smell to help me get around in the dark, I still prefer the day over the night!

As you can see I began to get worried

How will we get back when it gets too dark?, I thought. The waves kept coming harder and so I climbed back up toward the rocks to leave the cliffside. It was beautiful to be so close to the ocean and I swear I can smell France from here, I can swear a hint of a croissant was present among the infinite salt and rocks.

I didn’t want to trip among the rocks in the dark and slide down to the cold ocean and doggie paddle my way to France, but I was worried it might happen. But…something came to save the day..or should I say night.

A bright and powerful beacon shone and showed us the way back!

Here it is one more time in full glory.

And the light led us back toward Portland Bill and the first part of our adventure into the Jurassic Coast came to a close.

One more time with Bill
OK..I was joking, now one more time with Bill

What a good taste of Dorset and the Jurassic Coast! But I am not done yet. There’s far more! Portland Bill turned out to be pawsome!!

Thanks for checking out this adventure and stay tuned for more! Durdle Door is next up on my journey around the UK’s Jurassic Coast! Check out my adventures on IG at: RockytheBullTerrier (Rocky the Traveller)

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