No, but one reason compared to 5–10 or up would make for a much stronger claim.
Trevor Bird

So, by your definition, the likes of Farage and Orban are not fascists then. After all, they don’t even meet half of the bullet points listed here.

If that’s the case, plenty of people at the UK will want to have a word with you.

The exceptions made by Carter are so narrow, it still excludes 99.999% Iranians who doesn’t have anything to do with the Ayatollah from entering US. What Carter has done is basically not that different from what Roosevelt has done in WW2. Both were wrong back then, and will always be wrong in the future if a President Trump happens and he actually does it. No amount of dressing up can make up for it. Carter’s executive order banning Iranians was based on hysteria and irrationality, and that’s a fact.

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