Friendship Become Relationship Really Beautiful

High school was the first place for me to know him. We were in the same class. He’s nerd and i’m super active. First, he took sweeptakes with his friend to get a girlfriend, he was choosing me and trying to approach by texting. I was thinking he’s really weird, and then he said,”i like you, you wanna be my girlfriend?” my answer was simple, No i can’t! Its not sarcastic but when i dont like i never accept. I dont like to having fun with someone’s feeling.

At that time i dont like him, but he was trying to approach me again and again. Time by time finally i talked with him. He introduce his friends to me. We were going together and having so much fun, till we finally being a best friend.

He’s nice guy. He’s a good listener. I always tell to him about my ex boyfriend and asked for advice. He did the same too. We’d like to sharing anything. He is really good bestfriend.

I had broken up with me boyfriend, months later, he broken up with his girlfriend. His ex really envy to me. I did nothing we just friend and that’s it. His ex is my bestfriend too. Its so complicated ever.

All relationship is over. Hmm in that time i got feeling he liked me. Because he always bring me a food and deliver to my house, help me without rejection and very kind person and good solver. I realized his ex was my bestfriend. I don’t wanna hurt her, so i told to him,”bestfriend never going to be more". I have been showing him my bad habits to make him stay away, but he still do the same. I told to him I was tired to be alone, i asked him to find me one. He didn’t find me!

He got a new car and asked me to go out together. I was happy as a bestfriend. I’m happy to be his first passenger. Day by day he often asked to go out find some new place to explore. Well i’d like to go out so i accepted again and again.

One day we went out together, mom made jelly and i packed it for eating in car. I feeded him jelly when traffic jam cames out i know he was driving and hungry too not able to eat by himself.

Finally arrived in the sushi place. We made a challenge to put our photo together on his bbm to make know his ex responses. Out from expectation, not his ex get jealous but his college friend really disappointed. I don’t know many girls like him and they think my bestfriend had a new girlfriend. Well we just bestfriend and doing a foolish.

Two days later, he asked me to go dinner, but i had feelings he wanted to talk something. I agreed to dinner. We had talking to much and that time i asked him, “what do u wanna say? Don’t make yourself regret with it" he didn’t say anything. After that he dropped me back home.

That night, he confessed he liked me and asked me to be his girlfriend. I answered yes i want. Why i accepted him? I realize my life not based on my bestfriend. I like him her ex because he really kind person that i never found in other guys. I bet my heart to him cause i belive in him to make it better and he can accepted who am i.

He said straight tomorrow night to confess his feelings to me, was singing and hold my hands. He told, he was like me since one half year. I’m so surprised with that. I don’t know he really like and wait me so long. I rejected him many times to avoid his feelings to me. Well how could i sah again? I’m so blessed.

I told his ex as my bestfriend that i have relationship with him, she was disappointing and trying to open anything she gave to me. I’m so angry and really disappointed too. I never tell her about what i ever gave to her. I know after this time, she wasn’t my bestfriend again.

Now I’m so good to have him as my partner life and listen my feeling to be with him is a good choice till now.