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Project Statement

Internet users are more prone to using ephemerality as a tool within social media to share their private memories. This is due to the fact that there is an underlying catharsis with being able to let-go of negative recollections and having the ability to control how the memory is handled under various settings. However, many available online applications (apps) do not truly conceal one’s memories, and thus, give web users a false sense of privacy. To respond to this challenge, an ephemeral journal, in the form of a mobile/tablet app, will be designed. This ephemeral journal is based off of researched therapeutic techniques, such as Free Form Writing and Release Writing. Pulling methods from such techniques’, those who struggle with their mental health are able to vent their negative thoughts using a digital pen or keyboard in the app. After, app users have the option of setting an ephemeral control over it, which includes letting the thought expire after an elapsed time, or permanently disposing of it. This journal is created for the purpose of giving those who struggle with their mental health a guaranteed place of clarity and confidentiality for their thoughts. …

How can psychotherapy harness the power of ephemerality?


This paper offers an analysis on why Internet users are more prone to using ephemerality as a tool within social media, for instance, Snapchat and Whisper, compared to perpetual messaging applications, such as SMS and Facebook. In contrast to harnessing ephemerality as a digital method, this paper also studies ephemerality within therapeutic techniques, such as Free Form Writing (“Free Form Writing”, 2012) and Release Writing (Hassler, 2014). Through an interview with a Clinical Psychologist, insight was provided to better understand methods of how web users choose to handle their private memories, and if there are ways to forgetting negative perpetual recollections through ephemeral therapy. The data collected states that ephemerality creates an environment “of casualness, leading users to share anything from goofy selfies to sensitive information” (Javed, 2014), which can be used as a therapeutic journaling tool to “… experience a sense of relief and emptiness” (Hassler, 2014). …

A look into the organization, its challenges, and presenting a rebrand proposal

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Cycling Canada Cyclisme competing. Photography by Diego Sinisterra.

The Organization

The Canadian Cycling Association (branded as Cycling Canada or Cyclisme Canada) is the governing body for competitive cycling within Canada. Since 1882, this national sporting organization has aimed to develop and sustain an effective system that trains talented Canadian cyclists to achieve Olympic, Paralympic, and World Championship medal performances (“Cycling Canada Description”, 2018). Cycling Canada competes in an assortment of sports, both at national and international level, such as bicycle moto cross (BMX), cyclo-crossing, mountain biking, para-cycling, road, and track. (“Sports — Cycling Canada”, 2018)

This organization is responsible for managing provincial and territorial teams, hosting national and international events, and administering community programs to promote cycling in Canada (“Cycling Canada Description”, 2018). Cycling Canada is the umbrella organization of 10 provincial and 1 territorial federations or associations (Figure 1). Each provincial and territorial governing body contains their own unique variety of memberships and events for athletes. Available memberships can vary from coaching, novice participation, competing solely at provincial level, or racing for national championships. Athletes who wish to compete nationally and internationally are first trained in provincial and territorial teams in order to advance to higher skilled leagues (“Provincial / Territorial Cycling Associations”, 2018). …


Rana Soliman

product designer, ux rambler, hockey friend, car plate collector

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