Play beyond the screen.

Hacking a public park into a papercraft video game.

What are they?

Parclings are tiny creatures that can be collected using a special mobile scanner app on your smartphone when you’re near them. They can be printed off, displayed as 3D paper toys and shared with friends digitally or as papercraft.

What is it?

A mobile ‘collect em up’ game set in Roath Park, Cardiff (other locations coming soon!), it’s a little like Pokemon — without the battles!

In the game, players visit different parts of the park to collect Parclings. A series of iBeacons set in Roath Park act as markers for the different ‘Parcling zones’. For example, in Roath Park, Tropical Parclings live in the hothouse, while Antarctic Parclings can be found wandering near Captain Scott’s memorial lighthouse.


Parclings will allow children to “hack the park” with their scanner in order to catch the more elusive creatures. This additional aspect of the game will teach children how code is used to control digital technologies for themselves and help improve their digital literacy.

Parclings are hiding in your city. Can you find them all?

Who is it for?

Families visiting the park looking for a fun and alternative activity that rewards repeat visits.

How do you play it?

Install the app, go to Roath Park in Cardiff and use your mobile phone to scan for Parclings! Your scanner app will show a secret map of the Park and the zones where Parclings can be found. Once you’re in a Parcling zone your mobile will vibrate if one is near you, and you can use the scanner to locate and catch them. You might need to bring treats for some…!

Where do you play it?

Initially Roath park in Cardiff, other locations to follow, and at home too.

What does it cost?

It’s free to play.

Do my children need a mobile phone?

A family just need one mobile phone or tablet to play.

About Rantmedia

Rantmedia is a mobile software development company based in Cardiff, Wales. We’ve been creating award winning, Apple-featured apps, products, games and experiences since 2008 — the beginning of the App Store.

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