Learn UX with me+Google UX course 1 review

“I am not only studying but also growing”

Week 1:basic of UX Design, its field, different career roles, understanding good UX designs its characteristics and identifying. Different types of job opportunities for UXDs and understanding about the company that hires.
Till here I was not making notes so today before starting course 2 I am going back and recalling all the terms and concepts that I have learned this is good but my tip is please start making notes from the beginning.

Week 2-Talk and think like a UXD(this is exactly what it sound like) next three topics were pretty interesting they talk about the next billion users (great term and very engaging explanation ), design across platform(most of us are very related to this and this was easy to understand) and my favorite was designing for accessibility(nicely explain with very interesting assignments)

Week 3-Understanding, planning, participating in design sprints. Design Sprints are purely a problem-solving method don’t confuse this term with agile, agile is for product development. If you are coming from a development background you might be confused I recommend reading this article .

Week 4-Professional presence, cannot emphasize enough but it is one of the most important topics and more like a skill that I learn and keeps on improving throughout the course. This session talks about knowing ourselves and helped us to make our personal brand. Sound fun right so was the session.



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