I Moved to Linux and It’s Even Better Than I Expected
Dan Gillmor

I ditched windows after I could run quake 3 on Linux, that was somewhere around 2001–2002.

I avoided using any windows software from that day. I occasionally needed windows and I used virtualization to get over it.

I have been working for Google for last 8 years and started using mac as my official laptop. After using it for 3 years, I even replaced my home computer to mac mini 5 years ago.

But I use all the free softwares on mac. I use http://brew.sh to use all the free software from GNU. It is a packaging system like apt-get.

In the end I think, I really like mac hardware and compatibility with the rest of the world (I like playing video games and Linux supportis always bad). Mac has very clean desktop environment and single distribution ☺ But I get all GNU goodness too… Thanks to homebrew and Unix core of the OS.