Building Resilient In-Memory Data Grids with Hazelcast

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In today’s world, data is of paramount importance. As developers or data scientists, you may be sourcing data from various systems. Likewise, your data may be sourced by various systems. With the adoption of big data technologies, both of these scenarios simultaneously play out at large scale within enterprise systems. In-memory databases are one of the ways we can crunch large datasets and perform actions in milliseconds or less. A critical component for building any platform, in-memory data grids (IMDG from now on), are key to maintaining data resiliency.

There are several aspects to building highly resilient data solutions with them. And like a chain, a single weak link will compromise the entire length. In this blog post, I am going to talk about things you should consider while building highly resilient IMDG solutions. We will look into various resiliency aspects for a In-Memory Data Grid, like Infrastructure, Network, Data, Processes, Backup, Monitoring etc in detail below. …

Ranvir Raol is currently working as Application Architect for Capital One where he is championing highly resilient systems with blazing fast performance.

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