I became a ‘Hero’ at 4!

Image Courtesy: https://mom.me/toddler

I was about three or four I guess. And, that was the first time I felt heroic — like the ones they showed on TV back in the 90s!

There was this six year old kid who lived next door. He apparently yelled at my brother and said something harsh to him I believe. And, my sibling came back home crying and narrated the incident. On listening to this, my 4 year old heart started beating real fast. I was fuming at the fact that some kid in the neigbourhood made my brother cry. So, I just went straight up to that dude, my legs stood wide open, just like the stance you see in those old cowboy flicks.. Both my hands locked firmly on either of my waits. I looked right into his eyes, and he started back at me. The guy was taller by atleast a couple of inches, and he was older by atleast 3 years!

And, then it’s time for my dialogue delivery offcourse. I pointed my finger straight at him and said, “Hey, how dare you yell at my brother and make him cry? I am sparing you today, only because you are my neighbour.. Else, you would have had a really bad time.” Infact the original Kannada translation of this dialog is just super funny! It goes like this.. “Lo, Yakko nan Annanaa hodithini antha haylidhya?.. Ivag sumney hogthaaidheene.. thiruga hing madidhre ashte kano haylbitte!”

What the hell was I even thinking back then? Marching straight into a lion’s den and warning it of consequences! Thank God, that dude was in a good mood that day. Else, I’d have been counting stars even before I knew! But then, I guess loved my brother so much that I was quite protective about him back then. It’s now more than twenty odd years since the incident took place. Lot has changed, but a few things in life still remain, despite our differences.

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