The baby is eating something!


Back in the day, while I was a little two year old something, I remember having a few familar faces that came to see me in my cradle. One of those visitors I remember the most was my brother. He was older by a year and a half, and frequented my cradle the most. He’d rock my cradle, tickle my cheek and play around with this newest addition to the family.

One day, he tried feeding me a snack that was made of puffed rice and lentils. And, he being a three year old, didn’t realize that I had no teeth, and can neither bite nor chew! But, even before my parents noticed, my mouth was full! I started coughing, actually choking. On listening to my voice, my dad rushed to check on us. And, there he notices two innocent faces, one, that committed the incident, and the other, who’s mouth was filled with puffed rice!

He then, removed all the food from my mouth, pamperd my brother, and explained to him that the baby in the cradle, should be fed only milk and can’t eat food yet. It brings a smile on my face everytime I recall this incident. My dad infact narrates this story to us, even today. But I somehow feel, I remember it through my very own eyes in the cradle back then. May be it my earliest memory indeed!

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