My senior named “Sheharyar” is one of my mentor.As I started my studies at university with backward background. I worked hard and good in studies but I have not good soft skills.

I consider soft skill important for good career. I worked with sheharyar in one society and he helped to learn how to manage work and I feel nervousness to talk on stage .He provide me opportunity and give me good tips.
After some time, there will be formulation of new society in department which is headed by HEC and NAB.I show interest in it and got selected as its head because of senior ship. 
 For me it is very tough job,and I have no experience of heading any society. Sheharyar support me,he boost up my passion by saying “ Well done you are thinking to develop a good change in department, don’t give up I’m always there to help you”.

He support us a lot in arranging our first event and whenever I stuck in some problem he is always there to help me.

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