Jio4GVoice App — Make HD Voice and Video Calls on 4G LTE devices

Jio4GVouce (JioJoin application) allow customers to engage Volte on each 4G contraptions. Reliance Jio Sim requires Volte reinforce 4G contraptions to make HD Voice Calls and Video calls. Regardless, if your device is 4G/LTE yet not Volte maintained then you can use Free 4G Data gave by Reliance Jio, But you can’t make Voice and video calls. Make an effort not to worry with the Help of jio 4g voice app download (earlier JioJoin App) we can make HD Voice calls and video purposes behind living. So Hurry up and Download Jio4GVoice App Now !!

Jio4GVoice (earlier JioJoin App) allow customers to make HD Voice calls and Video calls even on 2G/3G Smartphone. Moreover we have added strategy to do Tele-Verify on Non-Volte reinforced devices. So Hurry up and checkout our great manual for Tele-affirm your Reliance Jio Number and How to use Voice calls and Video approaches LTE (Non-Volte) devices with the Help of Jio4GVoice application or JioJoin application.

Well ordered guidelines to Tele-Verify Reliance Jio Number using Jio4GVoice (JioJoin App):-

1) Once you got reliance Jio number start message on your alternative convenient number, then implant Reliance Jio sim in your device.

2) Now Download Jio4Gvoice (JioJoin) App Here

3) Install and Open the Jio Join App.

4) Now Turn off your Mobile data/Wifi.

5) Now engage Reliance Jio cell data.

6) Now Open Jio4GVoice application (Jio Join application).

7) Wait couple of minutes and you enrolled subsequently.

8) You enrolled adequately now call at 1977 and complete your tele-check get ready.

8) Your Reliance Jio number will be checked.

Well ordered guidelines to Make Calls in Non-Volte phones from Reliance Jio Sim:-

Note:- You can’t Make Voice or Video clearly from your dailer if your contraption doesn’t support Volte. Regardless you can do similarly with the help of Jio4GVoice application (earlier JioJoin App). So essentially take after the methods underneath:-

1) First of all, Enable your Jio cell data or connect with JioNet or JioWifi.

2) Now Open your flexible dailer.

3) Enter the flexible number where you have to interface call and tap accessible to return to work.

4) Jio4GVoice application (Jio Join application) will open subsequently and after that tap accessible to return to work again !!

5) Voila !! Your call will be related inside couple of minutes ??

Note — If it gives you botch like all courses are possessed then you need to keep dialing and call will be related after 3–4 tries.

About Jio4GVoice App:-

Jio4GVoice (earlier JioJoin) from Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd now touches base in a gleaming new image. Did you understand that your ordinary phone is prepared for giving you a totally clear voice and video calling foundation? Jio4GVoice enhances your non-VoLTE 4G phone with VoLTE limits. You can now use your non-VoLTE propelled cell phone to make HD voice and video calls to any landline or versatile number wherever on the planet. You can similarly use these VoLTE highlights on your current 2G/3G phones by method for JioFi.

Not just that, Jio4GVoice furthermore indicate the entry of Rich Communication Services (RCS) in India. RCS has stimulating components, for instance, Rich Call, Chat, Group Chat, record share, region share, doodles, stickers and various more are open.

What Jio4GVoice does?

1) Jio4GVoice brings TRUE 4G/VoLTE best quality voice and video moving toward your current 2G, 3G, 4G wireless. You can use Jio4GVoice with a Jio SIM either in the phone or in a JioFi related with your phone. To turn your device from “splendid” to “super” all you need is a Jio SIM… Jio4GVoice will do the rest!

2) Enjoy Rich Communication highlights with any Jio4GVoice customer on any PDA, including VoLTE phones.

Components of Jio4GVoice:-

HD Voice and Video Calling:- Stay related with colleagues, family and work over the globe. Make and get calls from some other adaptable/landline number, more than 4G versatile data. You can similarly acknowledge total discourses with various individuals. Acknowledge HD voice and video calling with related Jio4GVoice customers.

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