Jake Knapp’s SPRINT is Design Thinking and Lean Startup on Steroids

Raomal Perera
Sep 18, 2017 · 4 min read
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“I saw her face, now I am a believer. Not a trace of doubt in my mind” — The Monkeys

We have all heard of the words, Sprint and Design Sprint. It is easy to think that this is the same as Jake Knapp’s Sprint process. Not true! The best way to describe Jake’s process is that it is Design Thinking and Lean Startup on Steroids!

I met Jake Knapp for the first time at Eric Ries’ Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco.

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Jake spoke about his new book SPRINT, How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just 5 days. A big promise! I thought to myself, will it live up to it. I immediately purchased the book but it sat on my shelf for a couple of months. My son, Rohan, who works with me saw the book and he took it with him when we were on a consultancy assignment in Dubai.

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He read the book during the 7-hour journey and said Dad, you must read it. It is amazing! On the return leg from Dubai, I started to read the book and I was hooked. We reached out to Jake to find out if he would come to Dublin and it turned out that his first workshop was in Bologna, Italy. Rohan attended that first workshop and he was totally blown away. I joined him for the next one in Berlin, and this time it was hosted by AJ&Smart, a Design Agency.

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Jonathan Courtney, an Irishman who heads this amazing company (you will have to visit them to know what I am talking about) is probably only second to Jake on his knowledge of Jake’s Sprint process. Between them, they have run well over 250 Sprints, with companies ranging from the very large ( e.g. Lufthansa) to early-stage ventures (Slack at an early stage).

“This gold medal, to me, is a very good outcome from the many years I’ve spent on my professional career” — Ma Long

Unlike Ma, you will not have to spend many years to get a great outcome and that is the promise of Jake’s Sprint process.

The 4 key principles of the process are;
1. Together Alone
2. Tangible>Discussion
3. Don’t Rely on Creativity
4. Getting Started>Being Right

Jake’s process has delivered great early results:
Facebook updated their Newsfeed this week. This is as a result of a Sprint; https://medium.com/facebook-design/evolving-the-facebook-news-feed-to-serve-you-better-f844a5cb903d.

Savioke is a case mentioned the book. They are now in Japan. http://www.independent.ie/videos/business/video-tokyo-hotel-recruits-room-service-robots-36132465.html

Blue Botte Coffee is another example of a successful Sprint in the book. Nestle has acquired a controlling stake of Blue Bottle Coffe for a reported price of $500m http://www.bbc.com/news/business-41270370.

Jake Knapp’s Sprint process is a ‘game changer’ for your company. Buy the Book. You can meet both Jake Knapp and Jonathan Courtney in San Francisco in November; at their Design Sprint Bootcamp. Jonathan will also be at the UXDX conference in Dublin in October. Lean Disruptor ran a very successful ‘meetup’ to introduce the Sprint process. It was a ‘sold out’ event at the Aviva Ireland office and they will host the second event on Monday, October 16th at their offices once again. We have also scheduled a one-day workshop for facilitators on Wednesday, October 26. This is limited to a small group.

“I wanna change the game in way where I’m not knocking nobody out of the way, not claiming to be the best at this or that, but just doing wonders with the gift I’ve been given” — Anthony Hamilton

This process is a ‘gift’ and if you haven’t read the book, start there! Happy ‘Sprinting’.

Raomal Perera

Here’s a plug for the Eric Reis’ Lean Startup Conference. It is by far the best tech conference that I’ve attended. Jake was the best find! I have also met Alistair Croll with his Lean Analytics, David Binneti’s Innovation Accounting and Laura Klein’s User-Centered Product Design to name just a few. This year Alex Osterwalder will be there and so will I and hope to bump into you too!

Originally published at https://www.leandisruptor.com on September 18, 2017.

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