Dear heartbreaker,

Its -5 degrees outside. Its so cold that i feel like im suffocating yet i couldn’t bring myself to go inside. The weather reminds me of you. So beautiful and angelic yet so raw and brutal.for once, i used to love your contradictory self. Ironic, isn’t it? Yeah, i guess that was what made you unpredictable. But i still couldnt move on. I was so inlove with you. Mostly, that was the reason my heart got shattered badly.

Do you remember when you walked up to me and told me to keep away from you? That i dont matter and im just another lost soul that will forever be destined to suffer? At first, I thought i was strong enough. You know living in a world without you. I thought i was like before. The girl who played with fire. But the thing is, you never were fire. You were something else much more dangerous. kind of A mixture of my biggest fears. And oh how much it hurts when i realised that i have lost. I struggled to keep it all together but i just couldn’t. I just kept wondering why would you hurt someone you love so much? Love is not supposed to ruin you nor destroy you. But you’ve always wanted to redeem yourself Just so you can be the “better half”. Always right and never committed mistakes. It all happened on a day that will forever be stained in my memory. I watched you from a corner while you were with your friends having fun. I gripped on so tightly as i realised that i am no one to you but you mean the world to me. I couldnt let this happen. despite the fact that my palms were sore. My nails dug deep onto the corroded strings to give myself a better grasp, to give myself one more hope that I would succeed. A tear rolled onto my cheek, but I didn’t care; I had to stay focused. I used to tell myself that I need you… but after a lifetime of being oblivious torture, I let go. I knew that eventually i had to give up. I realized that you didn’t care and so I stood up and walked away from you — that stupid rope of hope and everything you had done to hurt me. And… I started to live again.

Someone you lost.
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