Here is a 3 steps procedure to modify mappings and settings on an existing index without downtime. No need to manually re-import everything.

Step 1: Create a new index

Let’s say the original index name is things. Create a new index with another name with the new settings and mappings properties:

Hyperapp is a 1KB JavaScript library for building front-end web applications. It has a functional design and combines state management with a VDOM engine, with no dependencies. Parcel is a fast, zero configuration web application bundler.

Let’s start using them together.

Recipe 🥗🍴

Install Parcel.

Create a working…

Yesterday, I wanted to build a PoC of a week Calendar. I thought it would be hard, with VueJS, it’s easy, it took me half an hour.

The GIF is in French, sorry. I’m too lazy to re-capture screen. Code is in English though.

HTML Boilerplate

First, create a small HTML boilerplate (including VueJS and Bootstrap).

Initialize Weeks and Hours with Vue

Then, create a Vue instance with some data. The data has a days property. Each day has a name (the name of the week day, i.e “Monday, Tuesday, etc.”) and a set of hours (an object with an index…

How to build and share a static site from scratch in 5 minutes.

Nuxt.js is a framework for creating Universal Vue.js Applications.

Install vue-cli:

Create the project (replace my-project by your project name):

Update nuxt.config.js to add a base URL (replace my-project by your project name):

Install push-dir:

Create a deploy

Quick and dirty(?) procedural generation in 99 LoC of Rust

Some days ago, I tried to create a procedural landscape generator. Here is the actual result:

Sometimes there is a moon or a sun.

I like to know how things work; this is how I built that one.


I’m not a good programmer and I don’t know how to create mountains. …

Let’s say we have to query a user table with a metadata JSONB column on a PostgreSQL 9.5+ database.

You can query with the @> operator on metadata. This operator can compare partial JSON strings against a JSONB column. It’s the containment operator. …

Three ways of building and altering a users table


John Doe just started a new job as a CTO in a Uber-like startup. He will have to scale, disrupt and innovate. But for now, he needs a users table.

  • Day 1: Users are simple entities with ID, email, password, name and role (customer, driver or admin).
  • Day 2: John…

J’ai d’abord rédigé cet article en anglais, la version originale est disponible ici :

Je suis un peu perdu avec Angular. J’aime bien React mais je suis encore débutant. J’ai donc voulu essayer Vue. …

I don’t understand Angular. I really like React, but I am still learning basics. Let’s try Vue. Here is how I created a micro quiz player.


First create a small HTML skeleton and include Vue.

Save it to foo.html and open it in a browser, you should see Hello

Let’s do an “hello world” website powered by rust in about 5 minutes with this quick and dirty tutorial. You will need a fresh ubuntu 16.04 server (about $5 on Digital Ocean, buy it, throw it). Obviously, after this 3 steps recipe, your server will not be ready for production…

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