Collaborative Work: Reflection

Within our group, I feel that we worked well together for the most part. Google Sites has never really been my favorite site to use, but with the prompts already there, I found it to be simpler to imagine the space, and add functionalities and videos to make the virtual space more welcoming, as well as a complete online presence. I found it useful to contemplate the necessary information that should be provided on the homepage as well at throughout the virtual learning commons. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of a virtual component as a continuation of a space after the doors of the physical space are closed. Virtual learning commons should be accessible and easy to use. Although easy to use in it’s own way, it is a different method than I am used to, and should be more user friendly.

I found it important to listen to my group members and offer my expertise in a way that was beneficial to the end goal of the group. The majority of our group was eager to offer suggestions in forming a fictional, but functional virtual space. I was professional, and eager to share my experience working in spaces that were somewhat similar in scope.

It was difficult to communicate with our group sometimes, as one of our group members did not want to create a Google account which made it difficult to collaborate and share ideas. Many of their offerings seemed to reflect personal interests, but not necessarily help the group reach their end goal. What felt like it would be manageable was made more difficult.